Lucky, Lucky Star

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Book group was lovely.
The forest fires are making the skies all grey; I hope they burn out soon--poor dear trees!!

Ok, I have just a minute before my friend arrives, but here are a few cool pictures from my trip--

Little boys who climbed every unstable rocky surface they could find:

A new bridge:

A fine example of the hilarious signage on the tortuous Maine roads:

...wait a second...we're going north and south at THE SAME TIME???

My light house, Owl's Head Light:

I lived in Owl's Head until I was 8, then moved a whole, entire TWO MILES away to South Thomaston for the duration of my youth.
My parents still live there and all of Owl's Head is swarmed with the extended family on my father's side (my Mom is a California Girl).
I asked my mom to see our geneology, but we never got around to it.
The gist is that my ancestors settled that cove in 1700 something.

Gotta run!
love you guys!