Lucky, Lucky Star

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

She lives!!

Was there ever any doubt?
The procedure thingy went well, but last night was kind of a bitch.
I spent the ENTIRE night sitting on the toilet, peeing every 3-4 minutes.
Every time I stood up I was in pain, and lying in my bed made it hurt--and made me need to pee worse!
I tried eating something around 2 am, but that didn't exactly work out.
I puked it right back up, which was probaby a good thing, since it was ice cream.
My throat was (and still is) killing me.
It felt so good going down, and not that bad coming up.
Heh.'s your dinner...?
I have no filter, what can I say?

So finally around 4:30 I was able to lie in bed comfortably for long enough to doze off for 30 minutes or so at a time, waking to pee.
I am truly the Pee Queen...
which is way less sexy than the Princess and the Pea, but somehow I manage!

I am now feeling much more like myself and I think I owe Perc0cet dinner.
(even if it didn't put out until the 4th dose. What the fuck??)

Ok, I'm kind of a rambling, incoherant(er than usual) mess, so I think I'm going to go make lists of what to take on the grand Maine Adventure!!
Oh, and to answer Orange's question: no, I will not be going cold turkey on the blogging while I'm gone.
I never do, so why start now?
I can't believe I just wrote a smiley face in a post...
oh well.
The point is, I'm sure I'll be popping in for updates now and then, and it's only ten days so you'll hardly even miss me!

Also, I love my husband dearly and I hope this trip brings us back together.
I want us both to be happy, preferably together.

I am glad I've aired my dirty laundry, but I wish I had waited until things were better resolved to do so.

Catch ya later, alligators!